Honoring the legacy, continuing the conversation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Pacific students kept Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream alive through a series of events honoring the civil rights leader.

“We want to remember why he did what he did and continue that legacy,” said Anahitza Lopez ’24.

Students gathered in The Lair at the DeRosa University Center on Wednesday for a speech and poetry reading. In addition to watching videos of historical speeches, fourth-year student Sahila Shah ’23 recited “Lady Liberty,” by Latino poet Tato Laviera. 

“It really spoke to me because it includes the progress but also addresses the issues that are still happening to this day,” Shah said.     

Third-year student Eruch Dah ’24 shared an original piece, titled “From Me vs. You Towards Me and You.”

“We live in a world where, depending on your values and beliefs, it divides us unnecessarily,” Dah explained of the speech he wrote. “When you get out of that context, and you get into ‘me and you,’ you realize there's a lot of work to do within yourself, your family and our community. That's how communities thrive—when they work together instead of being divided.”

Other events included a paint day for students to “express the dream” and a words of affirmation table at Pacific Friday on the DeRosa University Center lawn. 

Watch the video to see highlights from the week.