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Computing technology is an integral part of many aspects of modern life, including business and research. The Computer Science minor provides students with a fundamental understanding of computers and computer applications that will enable them to make best use of computing in their chosen fields of endeavor.

Minor in Computer Science Requirements:Students must complete a minimum of 21 units and six courses in computing. Students must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 for all minor courses.

  • COMP 51 — Introduction to Computer Science
  • COMP 53 — Data Structures
  • One COMP course numbered 025 or higher
  • One COMP course numbered 047 or higher
  • Two COMP courses numbered 101 or higher

The Minor in Computer Science is designed to give you a fundamental overview of computers and computer applications.

To earn a Minor in Computer Science, you must complete 21 units in Computing and maintain a Pacific minor GPA average of 2.0. COMP 51 and COMP 53 are the required courses for the Minor in Computer Science.

In addition to the required courses, you must take one COMP course numbered 025 or higher, one COMP course numbered 047 or higher, and at least two COMP courses numbered 101 or higher.

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